Saturday, January 31, 2009

Speaking at a Meeting

Tonight I will speak at a meeting for a friend. She is celebrating 31 years and has asked me to speak. All week she has emailed to say thanks, and looking forward to it and that she is inviting this one who needs to hear a powerful message and she is inviting that one who cannot stay sober and won’t it be good to hear my story.

The pressure is on.

I think—of course—that I want to say it all and be it all for all of them: to inspire the reluctant one, encourage the struggling one and praise the celebrating one. But what I will really do is pray this afternoon and again tonight before the meeting. I will say, “Please let me carry your message and not my ego. Please use me as your channel, please let others hear what they need to hear whether I say it or not. God, I surrender this meeting to you.”

After the meeting I will try very hard to remember that I said and meant that prayer.

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