Saturday, January 24, 2009

Women of a Certain Age

There seem to be so many of us.

Last night at our regional theater I looked over the audience before the play began and we were filling the theater. Regional theater is the place where we congregate. Women 55 and up. Women are there with a friend or two. Some are with husbands and you can tell right away they are husbands and not dates. Something flat in the energy or affect signals the difference.

It’s about energy. It is not the wrinkles that give us away. It is our crisp, practical haircuts. Hair that is just one tone too dark for the face it surrounds. Hair too stiff because it is gray being covered with that brown, red or blonde. Some of us just cannot give up hair spray and embrace more pliable products.

It’s also about the “interesting” earrings. And the eyeglasses that are too bright or too big.

We add our all-weather coats with convenient zip off hoods which should be torn off and thrown away at the same time we throw away the price tags.

Our energy wanes so we stop trying. Then we add back some imitation resolve with strong hair and soft shoes.

No wonder libido wanes.

We must resolve to resist this. Revolution begins here.

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