Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Be of Service

Workplace craziness this week and the Grapevine comes to my rescue.
I have this page from January 2003 that I keep in my tickle file, It’s a story from a member who describes his early days in recovery when he was, “complaining all the time to my sponsor about my job.”

He goes on to say that he noticed that he was doing a lot of service in the program: a food commitment at one meeting, a greeter at another, making coffee at another, and he was never complaining about any of that “work.”

His sponsor’s advice to him was, “that I go to my job and treat it like an AA commitment”, and “just be of service.”

He says he stated applying that principle at his job, being a worker among workers, sand doing anything that was asked with gratitude. And he throws in this reminder: Keep principles before personalities.

How is that for a workplace prescription?

Yes, I know. Simple but not easy. But if I can even do this part of the time how much better I’ll feel and how much nicer work could be.

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