Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have just started reading a great new book called “Redeemed” by Heather King. It’s great already and I have only read the Introduction where she makes a fast and funny case for why alcoholics and addicts need God--and Jesus in particular—and she describes the lived, alcoholic difference between pleasure and joy.

So check this out. Go to your local (preferably independent) bookstore and read the introduction. You’ll laugh with your coat on.

And please, buy this and all your books from an independent (non-chain, non-Amazon) bookstore. Think of it as supporting a really important nonprofit. (There is hardly any profit anyway) and having locally owned bookstores is so important to the literary and cultural life of a community. The people in those stores read actual books and they know literature. Your spending in those stores is your vote for the life of the mind and for intelligent thought.

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