Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wonder Woman Poems

In writing class we read Lucille Clifton’s Superman poems. Then we each selected a super hero that we liked and wrote notes to them. Here is what I wrote to Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman’s Bracelets

At the end of the day
It’s your bracelets I want.
Not your hair
Or that silly headband
Not the girdle
Belting your abs of steel.
Not even your courage
But the bracelets?
Yes, the bracelets
that can stop death.

Wonder Woman’s Hair

I’ve always wondered about
your hair.
Is that your natural color?
Ever tried blonde? Or even
Highlights—something like “Flaxen Mist”
(Clairol #425)
As an admirer I have to say
I could see you
with more light, you know
just a few highlights to perk you up—
Sort of like the bullets now
toward your heart.

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