Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards

I stayed up until midnight to see the final award go to Slumdog. I like to see the dresses and hair and now of course we also assess the work done on the faces. Bravo to those who have done just enough to look good for their age but whoa to Goldie; too far gone I fear. Botox yes but too much Restylene is not pretty.

Kate Winslet said that she had practiced her acceptance speech in the bathroom mirror when she was 8, holding a shampoo bottle as her Oscar. Tells you something about the power of visualization yes? But it raises this question: Who would you thank if you had the opportunity to take 45 seconds to say something to your peers?

Today in my thanks I’d have to include these:

Ebby Thatcher for getting Bill Wilson sober. Because of Ebby Bill could create AA so it would be there when I needed it. Ebby got the ball rolling and from that we got AA and OA and Alanon and ACOA, all of which saved my life.

I’d also have to thank the therapists who played more than supporting roles in getting and keeping me sane. Thank you Mary, Nancy, Susan and Johnel.

I’d have to thank sponsors and recovery friends. The posse that over 25 years that took phone calls at all hours, listened to tape after tape of answering machine messages, and showed up: Caroline, Brigid, Barbara, Sondra, Miriam, Meg, Stephanie. This includes the women I sponsored who also showed me what it’s like to be a woman on this journey.

And yes, like the stars at the Oscars, I have to thank God. Even when I’m not sure he sees or hears me some tiny part of me knows I have been carried and for that I am grateful.

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