Sunday, January 24, 2010

Your Own Higher Power

In AA we talk about choosing a Higher Power or creating one that works for you. People choose the God of their childhood—or adult-- faith. Some use their 12 step group as the power greater than themselves and others recommend using the concept of G.ood O.rderly D.irection if a Higher Being just doesn’t work.

Now I’m reading a great new book that gives us the means and the intellectual support to choose the God of our understanding. No pastel prettiness for spiritual toddlers here but a lot of intellectual food that takes grown-up teeth to chew on. The book is, “Beyond Faith: Our Role in Transforming God” by William Penick.

In his book Penick takes apart the idea of faith and of gods that are too big and indifferent or that are too small and ineffectual. He makes a compelling—and strongly supported case—that we can find (create) a God that is plausible and relevant. This is a book for spiritual seekers willing to tackle big ideas and some theological and intellectual history, but it’s worth it to get a God that works for you.

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