Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Mary Karr

I’m re-reading the wonderful new memoir, Lit, by Mary Karr. Also celebrating her recent nomination for a National Book Award. Today I realized that here is God and recovery at work in the world: Karr is a sensational poet and with the nomination and awards she is receiving for “Lit” many people will read the book on that basis alone. Many people who don’t think they need to know anything about recovery or addiction or alcoholism or being an adult child of an alcoholic will read her book and they will love it for the sheer beauty, the poetic language, the laugh out loud gut-busting humor and the sensational storytelling. And while that is happening they will get a view of how a 12-step program can change and even create a life. And who knows; that new perspective could even save a life someday.

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