Sunday, March 20, 2016

How to Write Step One

A colleague who lives a few towns away wrote to ask me to guide her on Step One. She’s not a newcomer, and had worked the steps before, but wanted another go and possibly to uncover some new layers.

Here’s what I wrote back:

Week One: Get a spiral notebook and on page one write:

“I am powerless over…”
And start making a list—include everything from the weather to your car, your boss, to friends and men to your hair—you name it.

Repeat that on a new page for seven nights. More things will show up each time. Just do it quickly for maybe two to five minutes. Don’t think just write.

Week Two: 
Now write about addictions: “When I was drinking/eating/using…I was powerless over…”: (another fast list each night)
Then, “and still today I am powerless over…”

During these two weeks you pray daily for complete honesty with yourself. Ask God to nudge you about those things you and denying or trying to not see.  After that, call your sponsor and have a chat—or have coffee with a recovering woman and share your lists.

Laughter guaranteed.

I write more about working the steps in later recovery in the book: Out of the Woods--A Guide to Long-term Recovery, published by Central Recovery Press.

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