Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Revolution

Will you make a New Year’s revolution this week? I think they are better called revolutions than resolutions. To resolve sounds so rigid, so staid and stiff like a stick, “I resolve!”

But a revolution means turning. We turn things around, we turn things away, we turn things over. Yes we do, we turn them over again and again. That is our Third Step: “Made a decision to turn…”

So for 2014: What will you turn toward this year? And what will you turn away from?

My list includes turning toward: more fresh foods, more whole foods, more conscious eating, more God in my life, more yoga and meditation, more walking---especially the fast kind that makes me joyful and aerobic, more dance, more water, more art, more time with recovery friends, more quiet at home, more writing life, more teaching, more spiritual direction, and….

And I want to turn away from: fear, old schemas, shopping as a distraction, internet and social media, long to-do lists, sugar, scaring myself, judging others, interrupting my creative work, gossip, fear—yeah most of what I want to turn away from is based in fear ….

So maybe my revolution this year is about more faith and less fear, turning toward God and away from fear.

So will you start a revolution this year? What will youl turn away from? And what will you turn toward?

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