Sunday, November 03, 2013

Resentment Creates Your New Higher Power

Resentment is a recurring theme in recovery and here in Out of the Woods. This is because resentment is so human. The hardest parts of our lives occur when we interact with others. The more committed we are to interaction and intimacy the harder we may need to work on ourselves. Being in intimate relationship—at home, or work, or the world—means we’ll see so much more of our sweet, flawed humanness.

Today I found a note about resentment in my journal that got my attention: Resentment can inadvertently create a Higher Power—one you may not really want.

“When we hold a resentment against person or an organization we give them our power and they then become our Higher Power. They can control my life and mood each time I see or hear or even think about them.”

Here is the question to ask if you, like me, sometimes find a resentment ruling your mind:

“Do I want this person, institution or even a principle to be my Higher Power? Is this the God I want to surrender my life to?”

If not, then a recipe of prayer, letting go, surrender and the steps may be the answer.

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