Sunday, November 10, 2013

A New Song and Recovery Anthem

I have loved Mary Karr's poetry for many years, then I gobbled up her first memoir, "The Liar's Club" and "Cherry" and then I savored her masterpiece of addiction, surrender and recovery called, "Lit".

This year her beautiful language became song lyrics and were performed by a collective of stunning musicians. The cd is  called, "Kin".  I put it on my IPad and I sing along making my daily exercise into recovery walks.

One of my favorite songs from Karr's album is called, "Just Pleasing You" and is performed by Vince Gill. It has become my new recovery anthem. I'm attaching the link below so you can hear this song. If the link doesn't work for you try ITunes or Amazon or just Google "Just Pleasing You" by Vince Gill. I assure you--this is a recovery song for our Out of the Woods crew.

Thinking about this makes me want to ask you: Do you have a recovery song? or a song from any genre that represents your recovery? For years my anthem was a gratitude song, "Your Love is Lifting Me Higher" (and yes, I did fantasize being both the lead and the fringe shaking backup singer). But what is your song? Share it here please.

Here is the link to Vince Gill and Mary Karr's "Just Pleasing You":

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