Friday, March 08, 2013

The One Area Where Women are Beating Men

Today is International Women's Day and typically we celebrate the advances of women and more typically those advances are illustrated by comparison to men's achievements and accomplishments. In the recovery community we can, in fact, celebrate that a higher percentage of women are becoming part of recovery. But in a post on The Fix I learned today that women are way ahead of men in abusing one substance category: tranquilizers and hypnotics.

No, we wouldn't want to celebrate more women abusing alcohol or misusing other drugs but there is something so sad about women winning the race in this category of drug abuse. Tranquilizers and hypnotics (think Ambien) are drugs that shut you down, turn you off and numb you.

Betty Friedan, where are you?

Take a look at the link below to read more about this sad "achievement":

Addiction's Shrinking Gender Gap | The Fix

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