Sunday, March 10, 2013

Change Your Langauge Change Your Life

You have heard that words are powerful. You've read about the "secret" which really wasn't such a big a secret having been taught for a billion years by Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carnegie, but it doesn't hurt to have reminders.

I'm just now reading a book that has those powerful reminders about language and a spiritual perspective on how language is used to create reality. The book is called, "Supreme Influence: Change Your Life with the Power of Language." The author is Niurka, yes that's her whole name. (She should have just added Jones after that I think.) But the important thing is that she's smart and she has an important message--especially for women.

One of the gems in this book is Niurka's "Eight-Step Formula for Dynamic Presentations." I do a lot of public speaking and her two page outline is one of the best--and most motivating--that I have seen. I copied it for my motivation file--what I turn to when I need a cupful of courage.

This is a brand new book so keep an eye out for interviews and articles about Supreme Influence.

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