Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Defying Physics or Be There Now

My commuting time to work each day is about thirty minutes. Each morning as I’m driving to work I am thinking about the meetings that are coming up or the conversations I need to be prepared for. Some degree of that is good management. But this week in the car I had to say to myself—out loud—“Stop trying to defy the laws of physics—you cannot be at work while you are in the car and not yet at work.” I was having this “get there, get there, get there" mantra in my head—trying to will myself to be at work while I was 20 minutes away.

What a pleasant way to start the day, huh? So much for be here now and living in the present moment. But realizing that my mind—and body—were somehow trying to defy physics got my attention. So now I’m saying, “When you are in the car you are in the car.”

Progress not…well, ya just gotta laugh.

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