Monday, February 28, 2011

Pet Rocks

Back to the subject of “Drop the Rock”. I now know that this is going to be an ongoing part of my recovery.

First I have to tell you about my first reaction to “Drop the Rock” . As I was reading I thought, “This is brilliant and wonderful and yes this is just the thing, it makes so much sense”. And then I –completely sincerely—began to make an ever so compassionate list of people I knew who would be so much happier if they just dropped their rocks.

Are you laughing?

I wasn’t. Sad to say I thought about all the people I should give the book too or people I hoped might somehow learn this helpful, growth-inducing, change-making concept. I thought about the coworker who would have so much more peace if she dropped her rock and I thought about his ex-wife and how she’d really be so much happier if she dropped her rock, and the guy I see in meetings who is suffering with his old stuck ways—I mean, man, if he could just drop his rock.

And then I heard me—ever so genuinely (I felt so wise) making a list of all the other people who should drop their rocks. And I thought: Oh Crap!—that’s MY rock right there.

So, knowing that I’ll be spending a bit of time with my pet rocks, it’s time to name them. My first litter has rocks called He Should, She Should and They Should. And I also have a rock named Don’t They Know I’m Important who, interestingly, likes to sit next to I’m Nobody & Nothing. And the one that loves to ride in the car with me is named, I’ll Bet They’re Gonna Upset Me.

God help me. (That’s probably the pet rock I need to adopt)

What are your rocks called?

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