Saturday, May 15, 2010

Relationship with God

I have been thinking about my relationship with God. I’ve always believed in God but I’ve had a nagging worry about whether he believes in me. Then I realized that this too is a relationship and it is subject to, and victim of, all that I bring to my other intimate relationships: I know I’m loved but not always sure I’m seen; I think he may have loved someone before me; I think that if someone better came along he’d leave me; I think that I have to be good to keep his love. Bottom-line: I worry that I’m not enough.

The work that I do to change those beliefs about God begins to change my other relationships, and as I heal those old beliefs about how I was or was not loved in my past or present it can only improve my relationship with God.

God yes, it is a relationship and we’re working on it.

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