Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Any Amount

This week I am practicing with an idea learned from my friend Susan who learned this from her yoga teacher. I call it “any amount”. Susan explained that her yoga teacher would encourage growth by asking can you stretch any amount? Balance any amount? It was a way to focus on doing something a bit new or a bit more rather than doing it “right” or perfectly.

I use this in teaching writing to invite students to write “any amount” each day. Instead of waiting to find time to write three pages or a story or even one page do any amount: a sentence, a haiku.

This week—crazy busy after returning from last week’s travel to Florida—I am reminding myself to meditate any amount—even 30 seconds, pray any amount—one pause to pray in the car at a light, and especially to be any amount—however miniscule—more gentle with myself.

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