Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't Name It

I heard an artist speak this week about making art and how what we think chnages what we see. He was talking about perception, and how thinking distorts what we percieve and hence what we believe.

He said, “The best way to see something is to NOT name it—words stop seeing.”

It’s a challenge but it works...when you look at a tree try to see it with out saying “tree” to yourself or telling yourself all the things you know about trees: green, vertical, growing, leaves, etc. Just see without the words and you’ll see more.

Pretty cool.

Then it hit me; I could try doing the same thing with people. What if I saw him without saying, “boyfriend” or “lover” or “student” or “teacher” or “man” or “mine” or any other words that typically flow thru my head unbidden? What would I see if I looked but didn’t label and didn’t name?

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