Thursday, February 25, 2016

Our Deepest Wounds

I have begun to work with a woman who helps with both body and spirit. She is a natural healer, and she teaches a practice called Emotional Freedom Technique that involves tapping key points of the body’s meridians while affirming both difficulties and their release.

I tap my head, my eyes, my collarbones, my solar plexus. I speak my fears out loud: abandonment, defectiveness, subjugation and emotional deprivation. I do this both as a kind of voodoo and with faith in this alternative means of allowing God access to my spirit and my body. I know that my wounds are deep and that I have scars in both my physical body and the spirit body.

Our deepest wounds are the lens through which we see the world.

My wounds—which have become beliefs—are old and deep. For a long time I was unaware of how much they run my life, and how thoroughly they distort what I see and hear and believe. Even now.

In Twelve Step programs we say, “Don’t leave before the miracle happens”, and I have experienced many miracles. Now, it seems, I am on the brink of another. This emotional healing, this freedom from the old beliefs that run me ragged, this clearing of the lens through which I see the world--this is the miracle.

I created Gods of Woundedness and I worshiped them for years. I am ready to relinquish these false Gods and let you love me now.

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