Monday, December 01, 2014

Have You Ever Done This…..

You have been in recovery a long time and your social network is filled with others in recovery. Twelve-step lingo is part of your natural vocabulary and you know the intimate details of your recovering friends lives with knowing their last names.

So have you ever done something like this:

-Run into someone in the supermarket that you know from meetings and tried to make an introduction without using a last name?

-Had a family member give you the look that says, “Oh, one of those friends?”

-Been in a business meeting and when someone introduces himself as, “I’m John Smith” you chant back, “Hi, John!”

-Been in a similar business meeting and after a participant makes a comment you say back, “Thanks, John.”

-Run into someone you know that you know but can’t quite place and when they say, “Oh, I’m taking it one day at a time” you assume they are a recovery acquaintance and say something back to them in recovery lingo, “I have to keep turning things over” then you realize they are from Kiwanis.

-My favorite—because I still use and love my Rolodex—had someone ask you why you alphabetize your contacts by first name.

If you have had any of these experiences you too may be a long-timer.  You’ll enjoy my book about long-term recovery: “Out of the Woods—A woman’s Guide to Long-term Recovery.”

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Unknown said...

Shared your book as Recovery Book of the Day on She Recovers facebook page 27 December 2014! Hugs from Dawn.