Monday, September 01, 2014

Not So Fast: An Insight I Didn't Want to Have

This is the  P.S. to my last post about feeling crazy. This weekend I was telling my sponsor about how stressed I feel and how much of my  stress is coming from the gifts of recovery: great job, happy marriage, many friends, community activities, lots of writing and public speaking and teaching--everything in the "Beyond My Wildest Dreams" basket.

But still--stress. So much to do. Only 24 hours, etc.

But I promised myself --and my husband--that we'd have fun during this long weekend. So we went to the movies, and out to dinner, and today we did a  beautiful hike along a fast moving creek. Just heaven.

And driving home it hit me: my thinking is all off. Most of the time when I feel stressed I try to speed up. I try to hurry up. I try to do more. I have this belief that if I can get a little bit more done then the stress will go away.

But (and you probably already see the craziness here) I realized (and really fought this like crazy):

When I am stressed I need to do LESS not more.

(Please write back quickly and tell me that this is not true).

But I think it is true: When I am stressed I need to do LESS not more.

Today's little break--a hike, new sights, moving water (and new office supplies!!!) made me so happy and relaxed.

Live and learn. (However reluctantly)  :)


Unknown said...

I agree! Just found this site, don't remember how. I'm in long term recovery and can still "spin" which is trying to do too much, too perfect, in too little time. Makes me crazy.

Diane said...
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Diane said...

Angela--Welcome to te Woods:)) It's all true. This is what we don't tell the newcomer:))