Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nice Girls Can Be Drug Addicts Too

You have time for one more great book before Labor Day and I have the book for you.  I am happy to recommend the latest novel by Jennifer Weiner called "All Fall Down".

I'm sure you know Weiner's novels or you've seen her books become movies. One of the most popular was, "In Her Shoes" starring Shirley Maclaine and Cameron Diaz.

In this newest book a young woman is a mom, professional writer, smart, stylish, happy and a drug addict. Weiner's page turning narration shows us how this woman who seemingly has it all together is falling part in full view of her family, coworkers, husband and daughter.  It's a contemporary story and a very contemporary issue and so well told. It's got a back story of marriage, caregiving, parenting and career development--all the stuff most of us face daily.

Now here's the crazy part--I'm reading and reading, turning pages, shaking my head and all the time I'm thinking, "Well, I'd never do that." and "Oh, I wouldn't fall into that terribly obvious addiction." And then it hits me: any time I go to the doctor and I get a prescription for estrogen or antibiotics I immediately think, "Hey, I scored estrogen." Yeah, estrogen. But that's an addicts thinking. I also know the part of me that believes that if one is suggested then two must be better: aspirin, Tylenol, Vitamin C….Again--how addicts think.

Don't we all know that the mantra of addiction is, "More"?

What I loved, and what I think you'll love about this book, is that's its not melodramatic and the issues of the back story are like you and me and most women we know.

Check it out of your local library (they have lots of copies) or buy it locally. Here's a link :

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