Thursday, August 14, 2014

Burlington, Vermont This Sunday--August 17th at 1pm

I am on the road with "Out of the Woods--A Guide to Long-term Recovery" and this Sunday--August 17th--I will be at Phoenix Books in Burlington, Vermont. I'm very excited to see old friends and to meet new ones, and to talk to women and men in recovery.

The book--and my writing on this blog--is about everything that we face as the years of recovery build one day at a time and then one year at a time. We face love and loss and new careers and retirement.We take better care of ourselves and then we find that some things happen that we can't take care of. We get new families, we lose people we love, we get more energy and we slow down. We make incredible deep friendships and of course, if we stay in recovery a long time, we see people die.

Yes, that's life in a nutshell--and those things happen to everyone. But what we have are tools, and habits and stories--our own and the stories of other recovering people --that are like extra gifts we can use.

That's what we'll be talking about at Phoenix Books at 1pm on Sunday in Burlington. If you are nearby please come. If you have friends in Vermont please send this to them so they can come. And thank you for following this blog and for being part of my recovery family.

Here is a very brief video about the book, "Out of the Woods":

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