Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Recovery is Well --and Sunny--in West Palm Beach

This week I have been in Palm Beach for vacation and to speak about the new book, "Out of the Woods." Each year the Florida vacation is a barometer of my recovery: how do I handle travel logistics, changes to plans, time with family, interruptions, disappointments  and weather. This trip: all very well.

I'm sure that a surfeit of sunshine was a big factor. It felt truly medicinal to have heat and sun--88 degrees most days--and a bedroom that opened onto a very pretty garden. I felt my body soaking in the warmth and beauty.

My good mood and happy trip was also helped by meeting lots of people in recovery. Many old and new friends came out for a book reading and signing in West Palm Beach, and it was an older crowd--especially older in recovery years. I watched as people graciously helped to make the event at Saint Andrews Church a true community experience--cooking, serving, greeting and welcoming newcomers.    That church community is one I'd be happy to be  a regular in. Yes, this is what service looks like in--and out--of the rooms.

The other new behavior I am practicing is in my post-vacation reentry. For the most part this involves some "nots": Not doing email a right away; Not racing to unpack perfectly; Not managing the mail on the first day home. But also a couple of "do's" like: Do try to stay in vacation mode; Do stop the hyper-organizing; Do pick a time to watch a movie and have dessert and tea just like we did on vacation.

I'm hoping this big dose of sunshine and vitamin D lasts all week. I'm very grateful for my recovery and   the Florida friends and family who made this week so special.

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