Saturday, March 01, 2014

Making Peace with Your Plate--Food Addiction

For women chemical addiction and eating addictions often go hand in hand. We are culturally frontloaded to care about our bodies; we think we are too heavy even when we are just right. Body obsession is another kind of unhappiness, a kind of distraction, and I have found over many years of recovery that addiction is addiction: it’s in me not in the substance and I can use all kinds of things: drugs, alcohol, behaviors and activities to not feel.

That’s kind of the bottom-line, I think. Not feeling.

Now I have discovered a soul mate kind of book that talks about food and eating and alcohol and all the rest. I am loving this new book, “Making Peace With Your Plate” by Robyn Cruze and Espra Andrus. They are former patient and clinician writing together, and they are good.

I’ll spend more time later this week sharing some excerpts from “Making Peace with Your Plate” but I can begin by telling you they had me at the start with this sentence:

“Full recovery means that my daily activities are no longer dictated by my body or my food intake.”

Amen to that. Thank you Robyn Cruze.

More to come later this week on “Making Peace with Your Plate."

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