Thursday, February 13, 2014

Out of the Woods--The book is in stores and on Youtube

I am so pleased to let you know that what began on this blog is now a book. "Out of the Woods" has been published by Central Recovery Press.

You can purchase the book at your local bookstores or an Amazon. I placed a link below to make that easy. And also a link to me on YouTube talking about why--oh why--I wrote this book.

I began talking about how we come out of he woods when I was maybe ten years into my recovery and then I started writing about the issues of changing recovery, transferring addictions, relationships in recovery and finally longterm recovery over the next 20 years.

I made myself laugh when someone recently asked me how I wrote a book while also having a big job and a busy recovery life and rich friend life and wonderful married life too (and a little cancer thrown in for interest) and I said, meaning this is how I write, "I did it one day at a time."

Yeah, I said that. To coin a phrase:) But it's true. I wrote the book the way I do recovery: baby steps, trials and tests, building new habits and one day at a time.

I invite you to buy the book. But keep joining me here. The discussion  just keeps going and there is so much more for us to talk about as we come out of the woods.

Check this out:

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