Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wisdom from Chief Inspector Armand Gamache

I have written several times about the inspiring wisdom from Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. He is perhaps one of the people I most admire even though this Quebecois leader is fictional.

Yes he is the creation of novelist Louise Penny, and I know that means that it is she who is actually the wise one, but she writes him so well that he remains a real –and really smart—person to me. I think he is of highest value to anyone pursuing a life of integrity.

Today’s excerpt is from the most recent novel: “How the Light Gets In” in which Armand is talking to his adult daughter about a relationship gone into difficulty. She is in love with a good man but there are problems. And drugs and alcohol are involved.

Armand says to Annie,

“I think you should try living your life as though it’s just you. If he comes back and you know your life will be better with him, then great. But you’ll also know you’re enough on your own.”

If only we had all learned that at 13 or 21 or 41 --or now.

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