Friday, August 09, 2013

Am I Growing in Recovery?

I’ve been taking a class about faith and spiritual growth. The teacher said to us that the real measure of spiritual growth is not about memorization of texts or attendance at services or even about rituals performed. Instead, she said, the real test of growing in faith is this:

1.      Am I more loving?
2.      Am I more forgiving?
3.      Is my hunger for justice more intense?

Isn’t that a great mini inventory?

It led me to think about the question: Am I growing in my recovery and a few similar questions:

1.      Am I more loving?
2.      Am I kinder with myself and others?
3.      Am I more gentle in my life, “wearing life like a loose garment”?
4.      Am I increasingly more at peace with all substances and behaviors? (drugs, alcohol, food,    shopping, relationships, work –and always—my thinking?
5.      Am I making a regular connection with what is bigger than me—my Higher Power?

What other questions would you ask yourself as a gauge of your continuing recovery?

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Anonymous said...

We can learn about living. We can think about living. We can talk about living. Or, we can just get on with living.