Monday, August 19, 2013

AA Home Group on Vacation

One of the delights of a long recovery is having Twelve-step meetings as part of travel. It is, I think, a best kept secret that people in twelve-step programs have instant travel assistance and access to great tourist advice.

Over the years I have been to meetings in other states and in France, Germany, Poland, England, The Czech Republic, Mexico and Bermuda. I've gotten directions, restaurant advice, suggestions on local sites, invites to performances, guidance on public transportation, sometimes rides and always smiles and patience with the language barrier.

A real treat of twelve-step travel is having a home group in another location. I have been going to Cape Cod for many years and I now have a temporary home group at 6:30 am in Eastham, Mass. It's a group of year-round folks who see their attendance swell to triple and even quadruple in summer months. I look forward to the welcoming faces; I see how their  lives change each year and I have a place to talk freely about whatever issues arise on vacation. And I learn that AA principles always prevail regardless of location, politics or langauge.

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