Monday, June 24, 2013

Take a Deep Breath and Read This Article

Women in recovery and women and alcohol and Moms Who Need Wine. Here is an article that we are going to have to talk about. The link below is to a feature article in Sunday's Wall Street Journal about women who drink--and drink too much. There is a lot of good info here on demographic and behavioral trends, and there is great info on metabolism and physiology and there is some upsetting info about AA.

As I read this article I was nodding along until I got to the part about AA and them I thought, "Oh we go." Not that the author is wrong in any way--yes indeed there is Thirteenth Stepping and there are felons and criminal in AA. We know that. We just don't--for the most part--focus on that. So it's very uncomfortable to read about the less than perfect side of AA. The old saying is quite accurate: "We are not saints."

That is no excuse for tolerating the mistreatment of newcomers or untoward behavior by anyone in or near our rooms, but this article is also a litmus test for the balance of your recovery. It's also a mini test of how monolithic your belief needs to be. When you have been around recovery a while you slowly learn that while AA may be your answer and my answer it is not everybody's answer and that just is OK. People get sober or modify their drinking with help from medication, meditation, church and God and strong family networks and many other sources of support. It's all OK.

Here's the article. Take a look. Talk about it with other recovering women.

More will be revealed.

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