Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reminders to Me

I live in a surround of Post-its: Reminders, Affirmations, Things to think about.

Here are two that I wrote down a long time ago but still need to think about almost daily:

*What would detachment look like? Sound like? Think like? Feel like?


*What matters more: What people think of me? or Who I am and how I feel?

Yes, recovery never ends.


Anonymous said...

We don't think that your obsession with self-help books, notes, blogs, reminders, etc has anything to do with recovery. Your just not grounded. You're untethered.

Instead of living a real life, you imagine what that would be and pretend you are. Such is the life of a dreamer, not a liver.


Kathy C. said...

Like you, I have a relentless pursuit of sober living...and that means wrestling with issues both old and new. I find the readings, post its, and other strategies help me stay focused. They are gentle reminders that I can look at life from a different angle.