Friday, December 07, 2012

Be a Good Tenant

Each morning I sit on the couch with my coffee and before I read my three newspapers I like to read something that inspires me or redirects my thinking. I have a big pile of recovery and spiritual and self-help books. One of my favorites is a small paperback called, "The Soul Workout" by Helen H Moore. The subtitle is "Getting and Staying Spiritually Fit". I like that. I can relate my recovery to fitness, Pilates, running, swimming so this book always hits home.

Here's a gem from today's reading:

"Live like a good tenant who is asked to house-sit a mansion. (Because that's actually what you are.) Don't treat your body or your life like a rock star in a hotel room."

1 comment: said...

Oooooooh, I love this! At first I thought, no I want to live in my mansion, not house sit it. But then I realize I take better care of other peoples' things with more care than I do my own things...Hmmmmm. What's up with THAT?