Monday, May 21, 2012

Surrender the Person

I’ve always included teachings from The Course in Miracles as part of my recovery. “The Course” was one of my baby steps toward healing even before I discovered the 12 step rooms. I’ve especially liked some teachings from Marianne Williamson.

Recently I picked up one of her books and read this guidance on getting through the emotions surrounding a difficult person or situation. Marianne suggests this prayer:

“Dear God, I am (scared, sad, mad, hurt, ___) about (name the situation). I place everything that happened, all of these people, and ALL of my feelings about it, in your hands. Please help me to see this differently. Amen”

Repeat as needed.

That prayer is not far from the two-week prayer we know from the story, “Freedom from Bondage” in the Big Book, but I like having the fill-in-the-blank formula. It comes in handy when I am really steamed or if I know I have lost all perspective. I think I’m going to keep Williamson’s prayer on a card in my wallet right next to my emergency contact info.

Come to think of it, that is my emergency contact info.

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