Friday, May 11, 2012

The Step Shuffle

Perhaps you've heard the "Joe and Charlie" tapes that have circulated through AA communities for years. These are the old-timers who give talks on The Big Book combining history and humor with refreshing, sometimes startling insight. It's a view of recovery that never feels old to me.

In our area we have a "Joe and Charlie" meeting where we listen to the tapes for 30 minutes and then discuss. It keeps the steps alive in my week.

This week I had a bit of unexpected fun though--I wanted my own copy of the "Joe and Charlie" talks so I downloaded from iTunes. (the link is below) and I added them to my iTunes account and from there they went to my little Shuffle device. Not being a tech genius I didn't realize how the Shuffle would configure this new info, and in fact, it shuffled them.

It's a blast! When I go to walk or workout I new get music and a Big Book talk in alternating sections. It's the craziest but most wonderful thing. I go from Tina Turner to Step Two, then Bruce Springsteen to the meaning of surrender, then to the "Bend and Snap" song from Legally Blonde, and then right into a talk on relationships in recovery. It really adds to the meaning of the slogan,  "Move a muscle, change a thought."

You can get Joe and Charlie for your iPod, Shuffle, MP3 Player iTunes or by Googling "Joe and Charlie AA Talks" and selecting one of the free resources.


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