Friday, April 20, 2012

More from Don Bisson's Retreat

Here are a few more gems from the retreat at Wisdom House with Don Bisson. (See more on this blog from April 18). The retreat was about Spirituality and Sexuality and Don gave us a Jungian perspective on both. Here are some of Don’s ideas that I am pondering:

“The skills of intimacy with another person are the same skills needed for intimacy with God.”

 “When we are threatened in any way we turn to food because eating is a primary form of self-preservation. It’s not true body hunger; it is the body’s first way to protect and preserve itself in the face of physical threat. But we use it for what we perceive as emotional threat.”

“When we don’t feel in control we demonize that element which is pushing us, (food, sex, work…).”

“Our sexuality has a shadow side because we are human, but that does not mean that sexuality is the shadow side. We often confuse this.”

“If you block off your sexual energy you won’t have access to your creative self.”

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