Sunday, November 06, 2011

Why Mommy Won't Let You Sip from her Water Bottle

There is a great article in the October issue of Redbook Magazine about Mommy Drinkers and drinking mommy bloggers.

It makes sense, yes, that interventions will be facilitated by new technology and that the safety and anonymity of blogs will help more people to read about and identify all kinds of issues and solutions. So this article talks about the increasing number of young Moms who are drinking to excess but also are being reached by recovering Moms who blog about parenting and their drinking.

From the article: “An estimated 5.3 million women in the United States have risky drinking habits, and it’s estimated that one in four children has an alcoholic parent.”

Many of these drinking Moms are the ones who look good on the outside—middle class lives, supportive husbands, chic jeans and boots at the morning drop-off, interesting jobs, and successful blogs.

Definitely check out the article: “Mommy is an Alcoholic” at (click on the link below) or in the real magazine pages 203 to 208. (I still love the real thing and turning pages.) And also take a look at the blogs: One Crafty Mother and The Extraordinary Ordinary.

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