Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lessons from Management

Our management team at my job has been talking about how we work together. As part of that conversation a colleague sent this quote. I just loved it. Here is a business writer using language and ideas that feel so familiar. I just had to share this:

In life, the issue is not control but dynamic connectedness. I want to act from that knowledge. I want to move into a universe I trust so much that I give up playing God. I want to stop holding things together. I want to experience such safety that the concept of 'allowing' - trusting that the appropriate forms can emerge - ceases to be scary. I want to surrender my care of the universe and become a participating member, with everyone I work with, in an organization that moves gracefully with its environment, trusting in the unfolding dance of order.”

----Margaret Wheatley
Leadership and the New Science

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