Friday, December 10, 2010

Self-less or Self-more?

Conflicting voices in my head. Conflicting voices from program and from therapy and from Oprah too. Do you have this battle in your head? It’s hitting me hard now with a new job and the holiday season and it goes like this:

@ Be of service

@ Be selfish

@ Think of others before--or instead--of yourself

@ Take care of yourself first

@ Let go of what others think of you

@ First impressions matter

@ Think less of yourself

@ Put your self care first

And on and on…I’m trying to find the middle ground. Some days I sort of have the balance, I think, but other days the pendulum swings too far to self, others days too far to putting other people’s needs or expectations first.

How do you balance this? How do you find the middle?

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Unknown said...

I'm happy t read that others with long term sobriety struggle similarly. My current tangle is over a sibling relationship: let him be exactly who he is and love him and don't engage the negative OR stand up for myself and be honest about feeling hurt, judged and disregarded. OY!