Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I know it seems crazy, and it seems like it’s been said, and said and said, but I’m thinking about control and how I spend too much time wanting to control other people. I know, duh. But here’s the thing—buried in all that controlling—is a trap for me. Maybe this is what is slowly sinking in: I’m the one who gets controlled when I spend time, or energy or thought in trying to control someone else.

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Unknown said...

Yes, yes, yes. And, for me, the upside of this is that when I am in the flow of love and service to my higher power, there is energy and security, peace and freedom, happiness, all the feelings I seek in the controlling. Because I really don't need to get my own way, my own way is a means to those feelings. But of course, being a drunk, I like to make it hard on myself.