Saturday, June 13, 2009

Living Life on AA Terms

In today’s meeting we talked about what it means to “work the program”. Lots of ideas--go to meetings, be there for others, be there for yourself, work the steps and use the tools. Funny, no one said “don’t drink.” We take that for granted maybe? But what I liked most was the suggestion to ask: “How am I doing in my life?” And ask this like a daily inventory: How am I doing at work? At home? With friends? With God? What seems significant is that the question is NOT, How is my life going in these realms but how am I doing in them.

It reminds me of advice I heard years ago when sorting out what to do in difficult situations with others. My sponsor told me “You are the one with the 12 step program” So what others do doesn’t matter, I am the one who is applying these principles in my life and to my affairs. I am the one with the twelve-step program, so how am I doing in these parts of my life?

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