Thursday, June 25, 2009

Driving in Fog

Good advice for fiction writers: One page at a time, one scene at a time. “But I can’t write a whole book.” Just do one page each day. “I can’t figure out the whole story”. Write like you are driving on a foggy night: you just keep driving as far as the headlights allow you to see. It can be nerve wracking but you’ll get there.

It’s the same in recovery. “How will I ever get a year? Five years?” One day at a time. "How will I ever get a degree, buy a house, move to California?” One step at a time. First buy the catalog, look at the ads, call a mover. One step. You can’t know the whole process but you can live and drive as far as your headlights will allow. Yes, this can be nerve wracking too. But we’re not alone and we are writing our own stories and we have the comfort and support of others who are also living one day at a time.

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