Saturday, May 09, 2009

Social Networking

So many conversations this week about joining a social network. I’m invited to be a friend on Facebook or to link up on LinkedIn. We members of AA don’t need My Space or Facebook –we are already part of the largest, most effective social network in the world.

As soon as we walk into an AA meeting we know the most important thing about anyone there and they know us. We can go anywhere in the world and have family and friends—with out a monthly fee. Any hour of the day we can find people who will care about us, help us, listen to and laugh with us. And the practical benefits are many as well: AA people will point us to a job, a restaurant, a babysitter, a book, a slogan and always to a solution.

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Anonymous said...

We don't get it. This "long recovery" that you refer to. What are the events that convince you that AA recovery is the appropriate treatment? As we read your blogs, it doesn't add up.