Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today we had a “Salsa for Seniors” workshop. Carlos, the instructor, began with a prayer dedicating the class to God and peace. He explained that he did that because he felt nervous. It was a lesson to me. I was looking at an amazing dancer and dance instructor—a performer but here he was saying that even he gets nervous when he begins to teach. And what he learned—his remedy—is to dedicate the work, to put it in God’s hands and to do it for good. I want to remember to do that with my work.

Another gift from Carlos. He suggested that we should smile as we were learning the new dance steps because smiling has a neurological effect and it sends a message to the brain that all is well. Even if we make mistakes with our feet the smile tells the brain not to worry and then the body does not freeze up.

And another gem: Carlos said if what you see is small and grim then life is small and grim but if what you see is full and joy filled then your life is full and joy filled.

We get to choose. And smile.

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