Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Daily Bread

In class the other night I heard this story:

After World War II a group of war orphans were being cared for in a refugee camp. They were dressed, fed and well cared for. But the staff noticed that the children could not sleep. A psychiatrist was brought to observe the children and to advise the staff.

What the psychiatrist told the staff was that these children had lost their “forward memory”. These children—even though they were well fed each day--could not conceive that they would be fed the next day and therefore could not let go into sleep.

The psychiatrist’s recommendation was to give each child a piece of bread at night to take to bed. They would then know that they had food and would be fed and would not experience hunger the next day. They would know. I could relate to those children. I too feel that I have lost my “forward memory” my assurance that I am cared for and that all will be well.

Alcoholics Anonymous gives me my daily bread—one day at a time—and assures me that I am OK and that I will be ok for one more day.

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