Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Facing the World with My Real Face

I was at a retreat on the weekend and as happens when I have these times away I wore no makeup for three days. Day one I think I look tried or strange but by day three I think I look pretty and natural. I come home and decide to leave the make up off for a few more days. That feels more risky at work and in the day to day life in city and suburbs especially with people who know my made-up face better. Several people tell me I look tired even though I am more rested than usual. Concealer and mascara really do make a difference. But I want to know I can face the world with my real face so I go more days with no make up.

Can I face the world with my real face? Can I allow make up to be an option, an accessory that is not required? Can it be a choice and not a mask? I want to dress as me and show my real face to the world. Leaving make up off one day at a time is an experiment in facing the world.

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