Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Beach Book for You and All of Your Friends

I am late to the game with the novels of Jane Green, but now I am gobbling them up like mad. Green is a novelist with homes in London and Connecticut, and she’s a masterful writer. Many of her novels are about modern (that’s us) women who are making life changes (yes, again, us.)

But the book I invite you to grab now—and you’ll have no trouble finding it-- is Jane Green’s newest novel, “Summer Secrets” published June 2015. I picked it up in the airport on my
way to the Atlanta AA International Convention and really, I was rushing and the cover was pretty and I knew that I liked Green’s books, and then, “Thank you God!”

This is one of the best novels about a woman in recovery. And in a perfectly balanced way—the novel is compelling, great moving plot, page-turning story and woven in the story is alcohol and where it can take us and how we face not wanting to need recovery and side-stepping recovery and then, and then…and you know---

But here’s a bonus. This is a great beach book—every woman you know –who loves to read—will love this book. So you can buy this for friends in and out of recovery. Those who are in recovery will say, “Cool book” and those not in recovery are going to say, “Great read.” Isn’t it nice when that happens?

I sent Green a thank you note—because whether she meant to or not this book will show readers who don’t know, or who may not care, about 12-step recovery what our laughter (and prayer) are all about.


Meg T said...

Thanks Diane. Always happy for a book recommendation from you. I have downloaded it and can't wait to get through the heavenly hell that is The Goldfinch to read this one.

Diane said...

Thanks Meg, This will feel so lovely hafted The Goldfinch". Love that you say "heavenly hell."