Tuesday, April 07, 2015

No Gin for the Tulips

I read somewhere that “The tulip is the introvert of flowers”. I believe that. Tulips are a fairly quiet and independent flower. They are solitary, strong, still, existing briefly, bold color but never spilling, enclosing mystery, but never shy. Quiet, still, observing. But never shy.

If a fashion designer created this flower it must have been from the house of Celine. There is structure yet femininity. 

This is my flower, the tulip. I like many bulb flowers and over the years I’d forced paper whites and narcissus. But even those beauties are too strong in scent and frilly detail. No, it’s definitely tulips. 

In recovery I had to give up feeding them gin, which the bulb flowers like crocus and paper whites and tulips love so much. (It does give them excellent posture) but still, even a sober tulip is pure elegance.

Do you have a recovery flower? What does it say about you?

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