Monday, May 26, 2014

My Ten Commandments at Work

Here they are. These are the things I tell myself when I am at work or I’m thinking about work, or I’m struggling with me at work. Of course I struggle with other people at work too—but really, most of the time, I’m actually struggling with myself.

My Ten  Commandments at Work:

1. No Ego.

2.  It Doesn’t Matter.

3.  Be of Service.

4. It’s Not About Me.

5. Do the Tasks and Detach.

6. I Don’t Need to Be Important (Or in the know).

7. Get Along with Everyone (Be that employee).

8. Be an employee who doesn’t have “issues” and who doesn’t need to be treated with kid gloves.

9. Feel whatever I feel—but don’t talk about it at work.

10. Do My Work.

I would love to hear yours—what do you say to yourself. What’s your mantra? Commandment? Inner wisdom? What gets you through—or almost through --a bad day in the workplace?

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