Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fake It Till You Make It

You've heard it a million times and if you are a sponsor--or a parent--you may even have said it many times too: "Fake it till you make it." or its corollary: Act as if."

We are advised to act brave when we are scared; pretend to be a confident leader when you are a nervous one; and to act like you deserve good things to happen to you. Often when you pretend you are the right one for the new job or the promotion-your real self and talents (ones maybe you haven't been aware of yet) will show up.

If you have been around recovery for a while you also know that this works--when we remember to work it. It turns out that many times we are offered experiences that other people or our higher power know we are capable of but we may be the last to get it.

But now, it turns out, there is science behind that faking it and acting as if. Our minds can change our bodies and our bodies can, in fact, change our minds. I recently saw a fabulous TED Talk with Amy Cuddy on the power of body language. No, not just the "don't cross your arms" stuff--but the science and the strategy that emerged from her research on power.

The link to the Amy Cuddy TED Talk is below. It's 20 minutes and worth every second of your time. I encourage you to watch and listen to the very end because she also has a powerful message on how we can use this info to help others as well.

Enjoy this. More power to you!


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